Specialized Equipment and Research Space

Proportional Dilutor Systems

These unique, custom-designed systems were developed to enable the precise delivery of multiple dilutions of an experimental solution. The systems include photoperiod, aeration and water temperature control. Each dilutor system has space for 28 x 10 litre glass aquaria and are ideal for use with small fish and invertebrate species.

Isolated Research Space (approx. 23' x 8.5')

Contain independent photoperiod control and flexible plumbing.

Stand-Alone Fish Breeding System

Designed for use with zebrafish but suitable for many small bodied fish species.  Operating temperature range: 21.7 - 30.6ºC.  Biological and mechanical filtration, UV disinfection, heating and aeration of recirculated water
10%  fresh water turnover daily.

Small Environmental Chamber

Excellent for algae and small invertebrate culture/experiments. Temperature, humidity and photoperiod control.

Environmental Chambers (approx. 20’ x 8’)

Temperature and photoperiod control

Tanks and Egg Incubators

Circular Stock Tanks

2,006 L (530 gal)
72" diameter

1,666 L (440 gal)
60" diameter

712 L (188 gal) or 890 L (235 gal) 48" diameter
* Optional 332 L (85 gal) breeding insert for these tanks

Regular Stock or Treatment Tanks

378.5 L (100 gal)
48" L X 24" W X 20” D

719 L (190 gal)
84" L X 24" W X 22" D
48" L X 24" W X 20” D
2 styles: smooth or with 3 removable screened partitions

Fish Egg Incubation

McDonald Jars for Egg Incubation

These specialized rearing containers are excellent for hatching numerous fish species.

Heath Incubator

Specialized for salmonid egg incubation but can be used for other species as well. This egg incubator contains 4 separate trays that can be subdivided into numerous compartments.