Dr. Kerstin Bluhm and Dr. Francisco Carlos da Silva - Living Skies Postdoctoral Fellows

The Living Skies Postdoctoral Fellows (PDF) program was created to support the recruitment of outstanding postdoctoral fellows to our university and further grow our research, scholarly and artistic enterprise. This unique program is meant to foster inter-disciplinary collaborations by joining cohorts of PDFs with multiple faculty members. Furthermore, each PDF in the cohort will have at least two mentors: one primary faculty mentor and one from outside of the academy such as a private or public sector partner. The PDFs will not only foster interdisciplinarity on our campus, but will also gain from interactions with more than one mentor and with their PDF peers. The PDF cohort will have opportunities to work together across the disciplinary landscape.


Chemical analytical characterization and environmental forensics of stormwater contaminants with investigation of potential treatment opportunities

Health Risk Assessment of Storm Water for Downstream Ecosystems and Communities