The Undergraduate Toxicology program at the University of Saskatchewan is the only program of its type in western Canada, and the most comprehensive undergraduate toxicology program in the country.

The program has been designed to provide students with a basic understanding of how toxic substances behave in the body and in the natural environment, how they adversely affect individual organisms, populations and ecosystems, and how to measure these toxicants and their potential effects.

The interdisciplinary Undergraduate Program in Toxicology is a joint program of the Toxicology Centre and several academic units, including the departments of Soil Science, Biology, Geography, and Animal & Poultry Science, as well as the School of Environment & Sustainability.

The program allows students to choose from many electives so that they can focus their undergraduate program on specific areas of toxicological knowledge, including biomedical/pharmaceutical toxicology, ecological toxicology, analytical toxicology, forensic toxicology, veterinary toxicology and risk assessment/regulatory toxicology. Graduates with expertise in any of these areas are highly sought after by employers in government, industry, non-governmental organizations, and universities.

Students receive a B.Sc. Four-year or a B.Sc. Honours degree, depending on their academic standing.

Students majoring in toxicology can choose from one of the following degrees:

  • B.Sc. Four-year
  • B.Sc. Honours

The first two years of the program have been designed to provide maximum transferability with other USask natural and life science programs, so that interested science students can transfer to the Toxicology program without having to take many additional courses.  For more information you can see the Toxicology Major Maps page at Toxicology Major Map

Students wishing to do a minor in toxicology should look in the Calendar entry for the program to find the required courses.

For more information about the Toxicology Undergraduate Program, contact:

Dr. Natacha Hogan, Undergraduate Academic Advisor
Tel:  306-966-6862

Dr. Paul Jones, Undergraduate Program Chair
Tel: 306-966-5062

Adriana Brown, Undergraduate Secretary
Tel:  306-966-7443